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  • Virtual employee and assistant services
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We manage everything from the UK so you receive the same cost savings of outsourcing to India but without the headache or risk with dealing directly with companies in India. We outsource business processes and all aspects of IT outsourcing to our offices in India from companies of all sizes across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and the Middle East.

  • Reduce cost and Increase efficiency with our Offshore IT services
    Offshore IT to ESG to reduce your costs but also to increase efficiency

    ESG are a UK company helping businesses such as software development companies offshore IT processes. We provide resources such as software developers, website designers and developers, managers, analysts, testers, QA etc.. ESG will reduce your costs dramatically whilst increasing efficiency and consistency of results.

    'We have been delighted with the service ESG provided for us' - View Group

  • Our BPO Services - Quicker, Smarter and Cheaper
    BPO to get the job done quicker, smarter and cheaper

    If it's done at a desk then it can be offshored. That's the rule. ESG are reducing costs for companies large and small by offshoring business processes (BPO) such as customer support, data processes, KPO, RPO, internet research, telesales, transcription, help desk etc..

    'The services provided for us by ESG was beyond our expectations' - Travel Guru

  • Virtual employee service with real savings
    Virtual employees & virtual assistants with real savings

    Imagine an employee working at all times for your business doing exactly as you tell them, that you can see and talk with, accountable and with no costs other than a much reduced salary. A virtual employee in India working on your IT projects or assisting with your business processes.

  • Outsourcing and Offshoring all size of projects
    We're offshoring projects of all sizes

    The bigger the project the more you save but you can offshore all projects of all sizes. We're not afraid of using the word 'cheaper'. That's what it is. The same or better for less money = cheaper. Other words we like are smarter, reliable, accountable, quicker, available, transparent, honest...

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We are your safe pair of hands

ESG has been around for over a decade. We have spent that long streamlining processes and communications so now we can help you outsource to India without the communications problems, without the expense and without the risk. "Without the headache".


"We have just completed a 2 year project with ESG providing a 3 person Perl development team in Mumbai. I have been impressed by the professionalism of ESG in setting this up for us, taking away a substantial amount of the frustration associated with establishing the team. Even more reassuring was the ability ESG showed to maintain and manage the team as our requirements changed and developed. The ESG team are very flexible in the service provided, are always available, and happy to help when it is needed."

John Hannawin
John Hannawin
Managing Director, I-Next limited, United Kingdom

"ESG have delivered a fantastic service for us absolutely consistently. I would recommend trusting them to deliver your IT requirements."

Chris York
Chris York
Managing Director, MOT Education

" Since taking on ESG we have been witnessed a dramatic change in our business, all for the better. We have them involved in generally everything we do but actually more efficiently and of course at a much lower cost. Could not recommend ESG more! "

Samuel Ngumo
Samuel Ngumo
CEO at Temptopia

"Our work with ESG was aimed at enhancing content for our online inventory. We were thrilled when ESG fast tracked their work on various operational tasks such as Descriptive Content Writing and procurement of content data elements. The contribution made by them during the period was beyond our expectations in terms of speed, quality and cost saving. What we appreciated most was the flexibility and transparency displayed by the team. We would definitely like to work with them in the future and recommend them to any business looking to outsource."

Naazim Shaikh
Naazim Shaikh
Head - Hotel Operations and Content, Yatra.com

"We have been delighted with the service ESG provided for 2 View Group. The process of outsourcing seemed daunting at first, but this was quickly resolved by the excellent customer service the team provided. Both the quality and speed of the work was superb for the project, and we won't hesitate in using ESG in future."

Diederik Smet
Diederik Smet
Marketing Manager, View

"We have had an extremely positive experience working with ESG"

Samuel Ngumo
Karmen Ledgister
La Fosse Associates

"ESG offers a highly professional service with a dedicated and passionate team.
We would like to thank them for the 5 years of hard work and support provided to our clients.

Si Fung
Head of Deployment
Performance Horizon


ESG has the privilege of working with some very well known companies and we have strict non-disclosure agreements with most of our clients. You won't find them in the list below. We consider the confidentiality of our clients as sacrosanct.

Performance Horizon - Our IT Outsource client
Avamae - Our IT Outsource client
Remploy - Our IT Outsource client
Everest - Our IT Outsource client
IEEE - Our IT Outsource Client
TravelGuru - Our IT Outsource client
La Fosse - Our IT Outsource client
Hi-Tech Software - Our IT Outsource client
Brand Recruitment - Our IT Outsource client
Yatra - Our IT Outsource client
i-next - Our IT Outsource client
Sol - Our IT Outsource client
T-Solutions - Our IT Outsource client
Global Engage Ltd. - Our IT Outsource client

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