360 events marketing

Events marketing is a specialisation at ESG, providing for our clients all pre-event, attendant and post-event functions.

Pre-event processes include, but are not limited to:

    • Market intelligence analysis
    • Peer event organisations’ portfolio analysis
    • Monitoring of relevant media
    • Database building, validation and enhancement/enrichment of event delegate leads, exhibitors & sponsors
    • Development and maintenance of marketing assets such as website, landing pages, blogs, news, SEO, SMM et al
    • Market intelligence analysis
    • Conversion:
      • Delegate sales
      • Visitor registration
      • Exhibitor sales
      • Sponsor sales
    • Cultivation and brokering
      • Delegate nurturing via channels such as telemarketing & email
      • Matchmaking (setting of, for instance, delegate-exhibitor meetings, seminars, workshops, face-to-face, round tables…)

Post-event processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Data aggregation through:
    • Events data
    • Surveys
    • Feedback
  • Data segmentation & analysis
  • Structuring and publication of results
  • Delegate, exhibitor and sponsor retention

A typical 360 events marketing roadmap is presented below and serves as a fully amendable template from which events organisations achieve high ROI by outsourcing to ESG:

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