• 8 deadly SEO traps to avoid in 2018

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for most businesses. Who doesn’t want to be recommended by the search engine itself? Thus, SEO has become a major component of the modern day digital marketing efforts.

    SEO is labour intensive and many aspects of it are technical. Therefore, many companies elect to outsource their SEO activities. Also, there are numerous outsourced SEO providers out there, with lucrative offers. Keep in mind the following factors before getting into the ‘low-cost tra…

     Admin    19 January  6
  • A dozen invaluable tips to improve your lead generation strategy in 2018

    Feeding the funnel

    Lead generation is, directly or indirectly, at the core and the purpose of every marketing campaign. For most businesses, expansion or even just maintaining the status quo is simply not possible without continuously replenishing the funnel with quality leads.

    There are myriad methods to feed the funnel. You may be lucky enough to find a company that can source highly targeted leads for your business but this is costly. If the company uses a scattergun approach then the cost …

     Admin    20 December  63
  • Time to outsource without the headache

    Time to outsource without the headache - pun intended.

    If you are outsourcing to India and you are always trying to figure out the time there then this will be a life saver.

    Problem: India, as you know, is five and a half hours ahead of the UK and so it's tricky to work out the time in your head.

    Solution: Just turn your watch upside down. Seems too easy but it’s true. Unless of course you have a digital watch.

    ESG. Outsourcing without the headache. +44 (0) 207 609 2800…

     Admin    06 December  60
  • Outsourcing via a freelancer or a full time virtual employee, what’s best?

    So, you’re thinking about ad hoc outsourcing, considering its benefits and exploring the options. You have drilled down to two choices, i.e. to hire a freelancer or a full time virtual employee. You’re confused and you’re looking for help. That’s what we’re here for! Let’s shed some light on this.

    Let’s be frank, a freelancer can never compete with a full-time employee. The only advantage of hiring a freelancer for a project is that the cost of hiring him/her may be reduced as compared to a vir…

     Admin    06 December  40

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