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What's it like to work in our ESG office in India?

ESG is a modern, flexible employer which values its glowing employee testimonials just as much as those we get from our clients. Don't take our word for it. See what one of our employees says here. Take a look at what one of our content writers wrote about one of our trips to our offsite location in the seaside paradise of Murud.

What's the area and the office like?

Our offices are in Thane, Mumbai of the highest standard with ultra modern conveniences, security and an onsite restaurant.

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Apply to work at our India offshoring office in Thane.

Please answer the questions below to apply for a career with ESG.
  1. *Are you looking for a career in the IT hub of Thane?
  2. *Are you convinced that you have the necessary skills, commitment, focus and drive to work for a leading edge company like ESG?
  3. *Do you have a good level of spoken and written English? Client facing positions require excellent communication skills. Even non client-facing positions require good English to be able to communicate well with the team around you.

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