Election fever starts in the biggest democracy in the world

For our international clients, a quick guide to election fever in India:

Politics in India has been arguably it’s most convoluted fascination for the last six decades. After attaining independence, the country went through multiple transition phases both economically and politically. As far as politics is concerned, we have in India experienced a paradigm shift in its perception. Thanks to the rapid infiltration of social media, individuals are engaging with every twist and turn.

After decades of domination by the Congress Party, in 2014 we saw an outright whitewash of that party by Narendra Modi’s BJP. Modi’s victory was based on solid promises regarding employment, black money and defence. However, over the years since, the nation has grown increasingly frustrated with how the Modi government has functioned. While 5 years is a short time-scale for a party considering that Congress’ reign lasted for more than 5 decades with little progression to show for BJP has failed to deliver the basic promises made to the common man and the country is currently divided in two halves, namely the left and the right wings.

One half of Hindustan (Hindi name for India) is in support of Congress with their opinion being that extremism is rampant in the country and the other half is pro Narendra Modi who think that Modi has liberated the country from its shackles and the country has made substantial progress under his leadership.

Fast forward to April 2019, as we prepare for perhaps the most crucial election in the country’s history, the country’s fate for the coming years is in the balance. The battle of the giants in Indian politics has reached its business end and it will be fascinating to see how the elections pan out come May 2019 and the triumphs on judgement day.