Euro Cup 2016

Euro 2016 has come to an end as Portugal has remarkebly won whilst Ronaldo's injury didn't seem to interrupt their flow. Portugal won its first championship after beating France 1-0 in extra time. With a nervous start, Portugal increased its pace at the very end and rejoiced the glory. Goa and Pondicherry were in a colonial face-off last night as they were in support of Portugal and France respectively.

Goa was under the Portuguese rule for almost 450 years, during the 16th century, as the Portuguese entered Goa and set their base in this major trade centre to control the spice merchandise. Goans are highly inspired by the Portuguese culture and have been in favour of them throughout EURO 2016.

The former colony of Portuguese was chanting "Viva Portugal", all through yesterday's match. Goans went gaga, after the victory of the Portugal team which was witnessed by various sports clubs and restaurants.

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