Outsourcing of delegate generation for events organisations

Are you looking to get bums on seats in your next event?

ESG provide highly targeted delegates and sponsors for events companies around the world. Whether its an automotive event in London, UK, a marketing event in New York, USA or a tech event in Sydney, Australia.

ESG provide 100% verified leads for your events organisation to email or call. We source these leads in the thousands once we have analysed your specific upcoming event.

What's to lose?

ESG will happily provide your events organisation with some sample data. Ask us for a trial. We’ll analyse your requirements, source and forward some fresh leads to you. If you're happy with the data then get back to us.

How's it done?

Using internet research techniques including online lead generation via social media, directory, content analysis and proprietary methods, ESG source highly qualified leads with contact details such as names, work titles, phone numbers, email addresses and office addresses.

Who doesn't need delegates?

ESG provides delegate generation to organisations around the world for many different event types, each very specific and unique.

  • From events in London to Seattle to Dubai to Melbourne
  • Every conceivable event type
  • 100% guaranteed leads

Call us at +44 (020) 7609 2800 or email us on info@esolutionsgroup.co.uk.

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