Outsourcing via a freelancer or a full time virtual employee, what’s best?

So, you’re thinking about ad hoc outsourcing, considering its benefits and exploring the options. You have drilled down to two choices, i.e. to hire a freelancer or a full time virtual employee. You’re confused and you’re looking for help. That’s what we’re here for! Let’s shed some light on this.

Let’s be frank, a freelancer can never compete with a full-time employee. The only advantage of hiring a freelancer for a project is that the cost of hiring him/her may be reduced as compared to a virtual employee. However, the resource will be unable to get anywhere close to the quality of a dedicated virtual employee. Let’s have a look at some other factors.


A freelancer works on multiple projects and therefore may well not be able to give full attention to your project. The freelancer has multiple clients and is not only responsible for your project. This will markedly affect the quality of output.

Single resource

A freelancer is your only resource, hence there will be delays in the delivery of the project if the resource is unavailable for some time. Hiring a virtual employee with ESG means there is a team which is responsible for your project and the project will not be affected by any unavailability of one resource.

Limited knowledge

A freelancer’s knowledge is limited. If working on a complex project and the freelancer gets stuck, there is no team to ask for assistance and input. Conversely, a virtual employee works in the same office full of experts. Problems can be resolved quickly and processes optimised.


What if the freelancer copies your idea? This should be a constant nagging doubt when recruiting a freelancer. A contract is signed when outsourcing to ESG which protects your intellectual property and takes care of your concepts and other privacy concerns.

Complete package

In the case of outsourcing to ESG, we take care of everything from analysis to process development to quality management to completion and reporting. Freelancers are one trip ponies recruited for an isolated specific task.


A freelancer’s commitment towards your project might not be up to the level of a dedicated employee, since they are self-employed and always hunting for more profitable work. ESG employees are monitored closely from India and the UK. Our client’s reputation is our reputation.

Supervision and control

You have full supervision and control over your virtual employee with ESG. You can monitor their daily activities closely using technologies we provide to you including video conferencing, remote desktop access and VOIP telephone. With a freelancer who knows the condition of the place and infrastructure.

To conclude: don’t get into the low-cost trap when trying to outsource your projects. It’s already a fraction of the cost if you outsource to India via ESG. Using a freelancer will cost you dearly.

Aarti Chandela Aarti Chandela is a content writer at ESG. With over 3 years of experience in web content writing and blogging, she often writes about topics related to outsourcing, digital marketing, finance, etc. Aarti has interest in the areas of SEO and social media marketing. In her spare time, she loves to cook.