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Outsourcing IT resources

We at ESG provide IT services such as software development, quality assurance and project management. We have a great pool of software developers who are well qualified and experienced in the field of software programming. We also have an expert team of Quality Analysts (QAs) who continuously work on client projects to make sure that the software is error free, before as well as after its release. We offer a complete package for your software needs, whether you need talented and hardworking Software Developers, QAs, Project Managers or Business Analysts, we have them all.

Software Development

At ESG, we provide software development services to businesses across the world. ESG has extensive competencies in software development and has successfully completed many projects for clients. Our teams stay updated with latest developments in the industry, software releases and new technologies. So, if you are looking to offshore your software development process, then you are at the right place.

Our developers are proficient in languages and technologies such as PHP, DotNet, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, C/C++, VB.NET, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS and AJAX.

Our database expertise are in MS SQL Server, MySql and Oracle.

As per the clients’ requirements we also develop web applications using various Content Management Systems (CMS) like Umbraco, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, DotNetNuke, Sitecore and EPiServer.

We design websites, develop web and windows based applications. For eCommerce companies, we do website development as well as graphics designing. We also develop mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.


We also provide Quality Analyst (QA) services for websites globally. Our Quality Analysts test the various functionalities of a software / website on different platforms under different scenarios and find out if any bugs (flaws) exist. They use a variety of tools, testing applications and reports to compare the software to user requirements. They report these issues to the developers who work upon them. They also document the entire testing process including the program, evaluation, methods of testing and improvements made to the software.

Our QAs are proficient in technologies such as Loadrunner, QTP, Selenium and Webload. In addition to the White Box testing (Unit Testing) conducted during the coding phase of the software development life cycle, our specialised testers carry on their black box testing (such as Integration Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing and Regression Testing) as and when needed to make sure that a high-quality product is provided to the end customer.

Project Management

ESG offers project management solutions to fast growing companies in the UK, US and other countries. Whether the project requires a small team of developers or it is a significant project requiring systems and project analysts and system architects, ESG provides cost savings whilst maintaining development quality, standards and testing regimen. Our services cover the entire software development lifecycle of a project with the wide-ranging skills of our personnel.

Delivering projects on time and budget now takes a lot more than before. Your teams need real-time visibility to navigate task dependencies, monitor project timelines, identify current roadblocks to delight clients. With ESG, your team finally gets the information they need to deliver projects predictably and profitably. Whilst we are a UK based company, our teams of personnel in our offices in India will be in direct contact with your teams. We will manage the projects completely from inception to delivery and beyond or with as light a touch as you prefer. Your teams will be dedicated solely to your project and your points of contact are available as if they are employed by your company.

Business Analysts

At ESG, we have a team of highly skilled Business Analysts who will understand your business needs, study the market, consumer behavior and create solutions with the help of our software developers. They will serve as an important link between your business objectives and IT needs. Business Analysis will help you in today’s complex business environment to adapt to and manage constant change through continuous product innovation. Corporations achieve goals through projects that translate customer needs into new products, services, and profits. Our Business Analysts can make it all happen more efficiently and effectively.

Outsourcing your business analytics solutions to us will not only bring down your costs significantly, but will also save your time and efforts involved in the process. Our Business Analysts will work in co-ordination with your teams to deliver most effective results.

By outsourcing your work to ESG, you won’t have the hassle of dealing with an Indian company. We will manage all your work through our counterparts in India, while you can focus on your core business activities. If you have any additional queries / comments, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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