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ESG culture

E-Solutions group, a UK based MNC, is established in the Odyssey IT Park, Thane and has a beautiful view of a lake, and a recreational area. The teams benefit from an advanced office infrastructure and are all passionate about their work. I have witnessed people from different backgrounds and diverse knowledge base come together and quickly work as a team. Not only have I gained unique career experiences but also have had extensive participation in different work processes. The management here is open as well as transparent and is receptive to new ideas. In all these years, I have relished along with my colleagues, lively cultural celebrations such as Navratri, Eid, Diwali as well as monthly celebrations where we all get together and build a common bond. The company ethos is 'happy people succeed'.

-Shilpa (research project manager)

Employees are valued highly here and we are all encouraged to celebrate and come together on festivities such as the Christmas celebration which is an amalgamation of festive food, even a Christmas tree, a Secret Santa swap and a dance party. In the celebration of Navratri, employees wear different coloured attires for the 9 days of the festiva.

-Ganesh (content writer)

I really enjoy working here. After work we come together and indulge ourselves in various extra-curricular activities such as karaoke events, quizes and games.The dynamic atmosphere in the workplace builds a can-do spirit and a positive attitude. Proper recognition and appreciation from the management assist us to work in a collaborative atmosphere and achieve our goals. Employees here not only witness development in their career path but also have been promoted internally for their hard work. I have learnt to face challenges with ease and enthusiasm and needless to say, I am proud to be a part of this fruitful and ever-expanding concern.

-Varun (technical support)

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