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State of the art offices and infrastructure in India

Our offshore offices in India are located in Odyssey Park, Thane and benefit from being next to the financial capital of India. The area is a highly developed commercial hub with modern and stable infrastructure. In this growing business ESG is placed at a strategic location with all modern infrastructures and conveniences.

ESG provide modern equipment to all our employees with latest specification IT hardware and software, leased-line internet, fully managed and servers backed up offsite, server room modern rack and router infrastructure, malware and virus firewalls and software, secure encryption and 24/7/365 generator power backup and UPS.

At ESG we have strict corporate policies related to our clients confidentiality, business continuity, social responsibility, employment, environment, health and safety and data security. We are pleased to forward our corporate policy documentation on request. Our offices are protected by latest security implementations such as fingerprint access technology to the offices and 24/7 recorded CCTV throughout.

At ESG we believe our employees are our strength and therefore we invest in in-house HR & recruitment functions with regular SLA focused training for all our employees. We ensure that our teams are well managed, provided with all modern conveniences and this has benefited ESG and our clients by extremely low attrition and retention of experienced and dedicated employees. Our office has an on site restaurant and state of the art facilities.

Our offices have modern and reliable infrastructure

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