Project Management technologies

ESG provide the outsourcing of all Project Management technologies. Some examples are below. Contact us to learn more.

Some of the Project Management Technologies in which ESG are expert in the outsourcing of:

Active Collab

ActiveCollab is a project management and collaboration software that help people remain organized as they work on one or various projects. There are milestones and checklists which could be included in any project. Users can decide what milestones rare appropriate for their projects. The milestones are links to more detailed information. The application places milestones and checklists in tabs. There are also other tabs that aid navigation in the application. Apart from project management and collaboration, users can also perform invoicing functions that are all integrated with the software. Hence, with the ActiveCollab software, it is possible to remain organized and updated. Problems may be caught or noticed earlier as time and expenses are tracked.

The days when your project data was scattered across different email messages and accounts; instant messenger chat transcripts; spreadsheets and other documents are gone. Now you can bring order to the chaos and have a central place where you can organize and manage all of your projects.

Having all project data in one, centralized system is valuable to every project manager and every team:

  • Everyone knows where to get the most up to date information
  • Errors due to miscommunication are less frequent because activeCollab keeps everyone on the same page
  • Collaboration and notification tools are built right into your workflow

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