Outsource .Net development

Outsource .Net development to India as UK salaries hit an all time high

According to a recent survey by CWJobs an average salary for a .net developer in January 2017, increased by 12% across the UK and is now £57,500 in London, almost £5k per month.

Costs increase further when including all the ancillary expenses for in-house .Net development. Adding NIC, benefits, licences, space and utilities increase the cost of a .Net developer to £6244 pcm (source: www.esolutionsgroup.co.uk/virtual-employees/).

The economic case for outsourcing .Net development to India is easily made but there are other concerns to be allayed before jumping in at the deep end. The fact is that most outsourcing projects to India, and other offshore centres around the world, fail because of the inexperience of the organisation outsourcing the work and the lack of understanding of the variants involved such as cultural, time, working norms, communications and environment. It is vital, if outsourcing .Net development directly to India, to have lengthy due diligence involving visiting the offshore entity, establishing the quality of infrastructure, taking and checking up of references and speaking directly to the .net developers themselves. Attrition is high with .net developers and its important to know that your project isnt going to be continually delayed by staff turnover.

If you dont have the time or experience for the above then consider a company that has a UK base that is established in outsourcing .Net development to India. ESG has had offices in the UK and in India for well over a decade and has been successfully outsourcing .Net development to India for that long to clients of all sizes. ESG guarantees that .Net outsourcing projects succeed. ESG's clients deal directly with the UK. "Outsourcing without the headache".

ESG's virtual employee model is based around .Net developers in our offices in India, managed by us in the UK, working dedicatedly for our clients. Imagine a .Net developer as if in your own office with all the cost benefits of being in India.

Use the free utility at www.esolutionsgroup.co.uk/virtual-employees/ to find the true cost of .Net development in the UK compared with outsourcing .Net development to India.