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Outsource Mobile Technologies

ESG provide the outsourcing of all Mobile technologies. Some examples are below. Contact us to learn more.

Some of the Mobile Technologies in which ESG are expert in the outsourcing of:


iAPPS enables you to be more successful and offer your constituents whether internal to your organization or external clients - everything they need to grow their online channels. With iAPPS, you can easily develop websites, online stores, and applications with integrated CMS, SEO tools, social media features, and marketing automation. And with built-in Visual Studio integration, you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to develop and deploy, helping you stay more productive and keeping your customers happy.

Enjoy a full suite of powerful development tools to optimize websites, online stores and applications:

User Friendly Administrative Features

  • iAPPS' user-friendly interface gives your customers an accessible website and allows anyone to update their content and view their analytics with ease.
  • Decreased support requirements from users needing to manage content, commerce catalog, and email campaigns frees up your time for advanced development.

Developer Environment

  • iAPPS' developer environment within Visual Studio gives you more control over the development of your websites. Create completely customized designs, gadgets and features.
  • iAPPS uses cutting-edge technology such as AppFabric caching, AJAX wrapper controls and open web service availability, and maintains a stable platform with major releases approximately every 6 months.

Rapid Development

  • iAPPS is built on a .NET/SQL Microsoft stack you'll have a fast learning curve if you already have experience with .NET.
  • Visual Studio integration and code library makes it easier for you to create templates, plug-ins and dynamic content, decreasing the amount of time it takes you to develop a website or online store.
  • iAPPS' API set makes template construction fast and flexible.

Faster Learning Curve

  • iAPPS's developer-friendly environment will get your teams up to speed in no time. iAPPS leverages a robust, C#-based application programming interface (API) and a graphical user interface (GUI) for system configuration.
  • iAPPS' Visual Studio integration lets developers use the tools they're already familiar with - no need to learn new ones.
  • Complete documentation and development support makes it easy to get answers and how-to examples
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