Trump team outsources to India

Trump's Asia tour 2017: Trump outsources his twitter activity & internet research to India

In the latest twist in Donald Trump's rage against fake news, a company in India has been engaged by the US Presidential Office to trawl the internet 24 hours a day discrediting everything that the "dishonest press spews out on an hourly basis". According to CNN: "Air Force One landed in India's capital, Tokyo (sic), earlier today to sign the deal which will include round the clock Defensive-Tweeting for Mr Trump."

A spokesman for the internet research outsourcing company in India said "our main focus will be around-the-clock reactive tweeting to persuade the president's Twitter followers that they didnt read what they thought they just read on his Twitter feed".

When asked to explain his previous mis-tweets, Donald Trump's press office ironically said it was the usual case of 'fat finger' typos. In reality Donald is said to need at least 2 of his undersized fingers to press the larger keys on a keyboard. Donald 'Baby-Hands' Trump added that "mistakes like this are understandable, so understandable. Outsourcing this to India is going to be so great".

When asked for further comment, an employee of the outsourcing company in India, with apparently little or no knowledge of search engine optimisation, inexplicably repeated the phrase outsource internet research to India. You couldn't make it up.