Apple outsources iPhones to India

Apple will shortly begin outsourcing the manufacturing of iPhones to Karnataka whose capital is Bengaluru (aka Bangalore).

The Modi government which invested heavily in it's 'Make in India' initiative will welcome this news. The initiative was launched on 25/09/2014 by Narendra Modi's Government to persuade offshore companies to outsource the manufacturing of their products to India.

Apple stated of its outsourcing plans that 'it is keen to invest significantly in India' and outsourcing of the manufacturing is expected to begin at the end of this April 2017, according to Priyank Kharge, minister of IT and Biotechnology in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Apple is angling for concessions though as current legislation requires that 30% of components are required to be sourced locally.

There is hope that the outsourcing to India of the manufacturing of the iPhone will make it cheaper to own the main cellular status symbol in India. Currently the iPhone can cost from Rs39,000 which is more than twice the monthly salary of a professional worker in India.

The 'Make in India' initiative expects that other major foreign corporations will follow suit following the successful outsourcing to India of the manufacturing of iPhones.