The street artist

Nitin Gadkari, Indian transport minister tweets "We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers". Road safety is a concern in India as 16 children die on Indian roads daily. A mother-daughter duo, Saumya Pandya and Shakuntala Pandya used 3D street art on a frequently used highway in Ahmedabad, India to decrease road accidents. The new traffic easing concept is designed to deceive drivers and is expected to encourage them to slow down at intersections and near crowded areas, as the artwork seems to appear levitating from a distance. Phantasmal pedestrian crossings are now appearing on the streets of Gujarat, India; with the intention of reducing road contretemps. Hallucinogenic zebra crossings are also used in various countries such as Kyrgyzstan (Asia), China and Philadelphia (USA). "What happens when the drivers are aware of the deceptive street art?" is the question that persists in our minds.