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Content Writing

  • Creative blog writing / Guest blog writing

    Blog writing or blogging is an important component of a website as it enhances reader engagement due to the freshness of the blog. At ESG we provide new and riveting content without compromising on quality. Write-ups for various types of blogs such as Technical, Fashion, Business and Photography are provided by our team. Focusing on originality and rich content that can help increase the writing standard of your blogs we offer error-free write-ups at effective costs. ESG also provides guest blogging services that help improve the brand reputation and direct communication with the target audience due to the unique SEO content.

  • Editing ( Content Evaluation ) & Proofreading

    At ESG, we make your articles stand out and ensure that they are free of typos. By providing premium editing services for manuscripts, articles, blogs and summaries. Our professional service helps correct grammar and spelling mistakes; fix punctuation errors, enhance the vocabulary by omitting unsuitable words and correct the tone as well as the tense of the sentence for a perfect article. Improving word choices, and sentence formations of the write-up, we offer Proofreading services as well; which help eliminate minute errors that turn off a good first impression.

  • SEO & SMO services

    SEO copywriting makes websites more visible in various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.. Using effective keyword phrases helps better ranking in the search engines. These days, SEO copywriting is demanded due to the increase in the growth of the digital sector. ESG also helps promote your web content through various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as Google+.

  • Web content & maintenance

    Your web page speaks about your company, its services and holistic goals. Web content services include content creation, development and maintenance. Esg provides informative content along with catchy headings and subheadings for your ongoing website needs. Our organization also offers an annual maintenance service for your web-site that includes a detailed analysis and review as well as necessary updates and changes.

  • Ghostwriting services

    Ghostwriting in simple terms means, representing your thoughts in the form of an article that is written by a professional. Our company makes sure your content remains confidential. ESG not only offers flawless write-ups according to your needs but also help in editing your pre-written articles. The various types of articles we provide include - Creative, Informative, Descriptive and Reviews.

  • Resume writing

    ESG provides personalized resumes that are drafted by experts for an interesting curriculum vitae. CV/Resumes are meant to focus on your strategic capabilities & your business acumen. It helps to enhance your personal brand and connect with the right people. Now, making sure your resumes undergo a high level of scrutiny and quality parameters that can increase your confidence.

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