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Outsourced customer services – without the headache

"ESG offers a highly professional service with a dedicated and passionate team. We would like to thank them for the 5 years of hard work and support provided to our clients."

Si Fung Head of Deployment Performance Horizon

Keeping the clients happy is more important than ever in a world where a disgruntled client can wreak havoc over your reputation on social media over even the slightest perceived infringement. Handling customer services ad hoc is no longer an option. Customer services are also too important to hand over to an offshore company without confidence that the offshore customer support company is at least as well equipped as you are to provide the cosy warm feeling that your clients are used to.

Outsourced customer support – why ESG is the only viable option

ESG is a UK company providing outsourced customer service and support from its subsidiary in Mumbai, India. ESG retains complete control in the UK and so provides the same benefits of cost reduction by offshoring customer services but without the usual headache or risk from customer support outsourcing directly to India. As well as enjoying complete transparency of our processes, employees and offices in India our clients benefit from constant contact and handholding from our UK office.

Customer support packages

Your services and products are bespoke and so the support will also need to be bespoke. We will work with you to identify the optimum package and style of offshoring customer support to us. Typical support packages though are listed below:

  • Bespoke outsourced customer support with dedicated support staff at the hours your organisation requires up to 24/7/365.25 (pedantry forced us to include leap years here)
  • Monthly volume based customer services outsourcing based on an expected multiple of incidents and duration of communications
  • 'Pay as you go' outsourced customer services based on the amount of time expended over a period of time
  • Other variants and blends of packages according to your requirements

'Always on' customer services outsourcing

These days it is a client's expectation that a company should be able to handle customer support 24/7/365. If an organisation wants to avail itself of the global market then supporting its client base from 9-5 is no longer an option. There are 8760 hours in a year whilst one person might work 1800 hours a year after weekends and other leave. So having customer support open all hours means paying salaries for 5 times each resource needed and also paying 5 times the ancillary staff and office running expenses. Most companies simply cannot contemplate this but the good news is that ESG already provide 24/7/365 customer support outsourcing to companies around the world at a fraction of the cost. We also look after the processes so no more sweating over the roster worrying about who is on leave and the constant HR headache. Outsource customer support to ESG and we'll take care of everything. If your organisation doesn't have the need for dedicated support staff then we have packages whereby support is given based on the volume of incoming communications per month.

Offshore customer support methods

Telephone support

ESG provide a one stop shop for outsourcing customer support by telephone. Not only do we provide the resource, fully trained in your business processes to be able to handle calls professionally but also the system to handle the calls. A VOIP, voice over internet protocol, system at our end means that in most instances there are no telephony charges for you to incur. The system is as clear as the system you use in your office now. An IVR (interactive voice response) is usually required and this is taken care of by us. An IVR is the 'press 1 for this and press 2 for that' or simple welcomes your client to your company and puts them through to an available operator. An option to leave a message is also a useful option and the message can be emailed automatically to your staff. The IVR system will be audio branded (background hold audio etc) to your current branding and the auto messaging is recorded by a professional in an accent of your choice or in a 'neutral' accent (think HRH). Any questions just contact us.

Online chat

Many websites now offer support by online chat. Visitors to your website often prefer this in sales enquiries as they retain a feeling of anonymity and not being under an obligation as they do when making the enquiry by phone. This means that they are more likely to engage with you using this technology. This method of support is also less time consuming for the support personnel as they can handle multiple enquiries at the same time and their verbal skills do not have to be to the same level as that required in telephone support. There are excellent software solutions available now which can allow the visitor to appear to be chatting to anyone of any gender, name and image, complete surveys on how the support went and capture visitor details such as how they found your website, what device they are using and have a transcription emailed to them after the chat session. ESG have a wealth of experience in providing outsourced website support by online chat. Once we have spent a short time with you evaluating a Q&A playbook from your likely enquiries we can have the system up and running on your website very quickly. Our IT experts can integrate and configure the chosen software into your website so you don't even need to wake up your website developers. Another great benefit of online chat is that you can see at any time who is on your website, who is chatting and you have access to a real time view of past and present chats so reporting is absolutely transparent. Any questions just contact us.

Help desk ticketing

If your outsourced support requirement can be handled electronically then ESG will support your clients by email and/or help desk ticketing. There are many help desk ticketing software solutions out there, paid and free of charge) and we will recommend the best for you or continue to use the one you are already using. One of the best known paid versions for outsourcing help desk ticketing is Zendesk but there are many alternatives. Any questions just contact us.

For clients wanting a more technical support service ESG provide outsourced technical support which extends initial response to technical resolution, from software and website maintenance to hardware incident maintenance.

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