Outsourcing IT to India has nothing to do with the problems at British Airways, much to the chagrin of the unions.

There is nothing as yet to substantiate the claim made that the systems outage at British Airways was caused by outsourcing IT to India. The fact that the union made that claim without knowing what the problem was demonstrated that their longing for it to be true doesn't make it so. The CEO of BA has in fact exonerated India and explained that the problem arose from a power supply, hardly in the remit of a company in India, more likely a local IT support supplier.

There have been myriad well documented systems failures well before the advent of outsourcing IT to India, from the destruction of the Mariner I space probe on July 28, 1962 to the AT&T Network Outage on January 15, 1990 leaving 60,000 without any service. The software developers were all American. Not a H1-B visa amongst them. In September 26, 1983 a nuclear early warning system in Soviet Russia notified the high command that a US nuclear missile was heading for Moscow. The home grown IT system had errored. A quick thinking Stanislav Petrov, in charge of Soviet Air Defence, checked the system and declared it an error, narrowly averting World War III.

British Airways fly Boeing and Airbus, neither of which are UK companies. It has European staff using devices made in South Korea wearing uniforms made in the Orient. To remain cost effective, British Airways, like the vast majority of companies utilise resources across the world. Indians outsource their travel every time they buy a ticket to fly out of India on a BA flight. We live in a global economy where efficiencies of other territories are used to enhance our lives and outsourcing IT to India is just one of those. If it wasn't so then we wouldnt still be outsourcing IT to India 17 years after we started in 2000 when we rushed to Indian software developers to help us avert the biggest IT catastrophe the world had ever seen, the Millenium Bug. Turns out that impending doom was fake news as well.

Breaking: The UK newspaper, Daily Mail, has reported that it was a UPS system at Heathrow that was to blame not outsourcing IT to India. The UPS system was at Boadicea House, Heathrow, a 30 year old system supplying BA.