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Outsourcing IT

"ESG have delivered a fantastic service for us absolutely consistently. I would recommend trusting them to deliver your IT requirements."

Chris York MD MOT Education Online

It's not just about cost savings when offshoring IT

It's true that our clients enjoy significant reductions in labour costs but they also avail themselves of a large pool of extremely talented developers, designers, testers, DBAs etc covering all skill-sets and technologies. All of our developers are graduates with a great deal of enthusiasm. Our developers bend over backwards to get the job done on time. We're just as flexible. We hate red tape so there is less commitment in offshoring IT via ESG than in hiring developers in the UK for instance.

Our clients are unique

Offshoring IT means different things to each of our clients. Some are software companies wanting to make more efficient use of their budgets, other types of businesses wanting to complete internal projects that cannot be done on UK salaries and each of our clients uses different technologies. Take a look at our offshoring software development section to see what technologies ESG are expert in.

Virtual employees make ongoing sense

Often a project is ongoing and our clients prefer to hire an employee rather than outsource a project. That's fine because we supply 'virtual employees'. Consider this as your own employee contactable at all times, managed and accommodated in our offices in India. More of this in our virtual employees in India section.

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