Outsourcing of lead generation. Without the headache!

ESG provide low cost lead generation to businesses that require excruciatingly targeted leads.

Lead generation is a time consuming and laborious exercise and is therefore ideal for outsourcing. B2B lead generation is based on meticulous research techniques and painstaking enquiry. On a purely cost basis, all else being equal, then it’s a no-brainer to use a company based in a lower cost territory such as India.

Not just lower cost lead generation but better.

What if the lead generation services  company was also more efficient, had more optimised processes, provided more consistent and better quality leads? ESG is a UK based company providing outsourced lead generation which manages the processes and ensures that, along with low cost lead generation, our clients benefit from consistent, highly targeted and fresh leads.

'Hand-sourced' fresh delicious leads.

ESG generate leads for many clients but provide a unique service to each by ‘hand-sourcing’ unique leads to each client. We analyse the lead requirements and then formulate a plan to source high numbers of the exact types of leads needed. No requirements are the same and the leads are never re-used. We think leads should have a ‘use-before’ date.

What's to lose?

Filling up the sales funnel is an ongoing exercise and so you need to ensure your supplier is the right fit. Ask us for a trial. We’ll analyse your lead generation requirements, source and forward some fresh leads to you. If you're happy with the data then get back to us.

How's it done?

Using internet research techniques including online lead generation via social media, directory, content analysis and proprietary methods, ESG source highly qualified leads with contact details such as names, work titles, phone numbers, email addresses and office addresses.

Who doesn't need leads?

ESG provides lead generation to companies around the world in every conceivable industry and service. Some examples:

  • Recruitment companies looking for candidates leads and clients
  • Events companies looking for delegates leads
  • Financial companies looking for corporate data
  • All organisations looking for fresh sales leads and prospects

Call us at +44 (020) 7609 2800 or email us on info@esolutionsgroup.co.uk.

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