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  • Outsourcing IT to India
    Outsourcing IT to India

    There is nothing as yet to substantiate the claim made that the systems outage at British Airways was caused by outsourcing IT to India. The fact that the union made that claim without knowing what th…

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  • Outsourcing customer service to bots
    Outsourcing News

    As technology progresses and automation becomes ever more integrated into our lives, new research has revealed that 55% of customers prefer to talk with a bot over its human counterpart.

    The researc…

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  • Outsourcing News

    LinkedIn vs Google Hire - the next heavyweight bout coming to your screen soon.


    In February of this year Google became the world’s most valuable brand after Apple’s value dropped to £84 billion. G…

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May 2017
Outsourcing IT to India has nothing to do with the problems at British Airways, much to the chagrin of the unions. When it comes to outsourcing customer service, bots win every time for simple tasks Apr 2017
LinkedIn vs Google Hire - the next heavyweight bout coming to your screen soon Feb 2017
Trump team outsources to India Outsource .Net development Donald's America First policy will send more work offshore to India Apple outsources iPhones to India Oldest Indian Elephant Dies Jan 2017
Brexit trade talks with India The street artist Euro Cup 2016

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