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Outsourced technical support – without the headache

"ESG offers a highly professional service with a dedicated and passionate team. We would like to thank them for the 5 years of hard work and support provided to our clients."

Si Fung Head of Deployment Performance Horizon

Retaining clients and establishing a customer base on referrals is only possible with exemplary technical support. The challenge is maintaining an efficient, broad and always available service desk at an affordable cost. Outsourcing support offshore is the obvious solution but offshoring directly can be fraught with obstacles. ESG provide outsourced technical support without the headache.

Outsourced technical support – the benefits of using ESG

Outsourced technical support has enormous and established benefits and there are a multitude of help desk outsourcing companies globally. ESG however differentiates itself by the fact that it is a UK company providing outsourced technical support solutions from its subsidiary in India. By retaining complete control in the UK, ESG provides low cost help desk outsourcing without the usual headache or risk from help desk outsourcing directly to India. As well as enjoying complete transparency of our processes, employees and offices in India our clients benefit from constant contact and handholding from our UK office.

Outsourced help desk support tiers

ESG provide outsourced help desk utilising all processes including, but not limited to, outsourced telephone support, ticketing and automated alert processing. There are myriad tools and technologies that we are already using in our technical support services and we have efficient processes in place to make knowledge transfer of new processes or tools rapid, efficient and 'right first time'.

Although the tiers of support often overlap they generally range from Tier 1 to Tier 3 support and there are general guidelines which define each tier. ESG provides outsourced technical support in all tiers (a.k.a. first line, second line and third line outsourced technical support services).

First line technical support outsourcing covers the initial handling and triage of simple to complex queries and escalations and ESG provide ad hoc to 24/7/365 1st line support outsourcing.

Second line support usually covers technical issue resolution and support involving the resolution of issues related to BAU (business as usual). In application support for instance, this would involve small scale application development but 2nd line support can apply to the technical issue resolution of any type of product or service. ESG are one of the most efficient and cost effective outsourced help desk providers in 2nd tier support.

An outsourced help desk which covers third line support covers deeper product and service development for resolution of incidents.

Tier 0, self-help facilities, & Tier 4, support beyond the client organisation, also exist but are less often discussed in the context of outsourced technical support.

Outsourced help desk services – our clients and confidentiality

ESG is an extremely well regarded and efficient MSP (managed service provider) providing outsourced help desk for many clients of all sizes, from SMBs to the largest and well-known of global companies. Outsourced help desk services, technologies and response levels provided by ESG are bespoke to each client.

ESG provides all types of service desk and the outsourcing of help desks is our focus. Many of our clients outsource technical support to us and proudly let their clients know that we are taking care of their service desk. Some of our clients however prefer to integrate our services into their support desk and retain the branding of the service.

In any case ESG is utterly committed to confidentiality and never make reference or comment on our clients unless written confirmation is given. Our strict NDAs ensure complete privacy.

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