Outsourcing telemarketing & telesales - without the headache

ESG execute end-to-end telemarketing campaigns for our clients globally and have 24/7/365 operations. Our technologies and process methodologies support our clients in over-reaching their targets.

Lead generation, lead qualification (MQL & SQL), lead nurturing, appointment setting are some of our portfolio of expertise. Client confidentiality & GDPR compliance come as standard.

Areas of telemarketing expertise

Our key telemarketing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Events organisations & conference organisers: Following pre-event processes such as lead generation the telemarketing begins at pace to convert delegate sales, visitor registration, exhibitor and sponsor sales. ESG then takes care of match-making (setting of delegate-exhibitor meetings/seminars/workshops/forums/conferences/round tables) and all aspects of delegate nurturing via telemarketing and email channels. Post event data aggregation, segmentation and analytics of data throughout the event roadmap, at the event and following satisfaction surveys can then be published to the events organisations channels.

  • IT organisations: Local prospects for global IT organisations' products & services, major clients in specific verticals, ESG will drill down to deliver RPCs (right party contacts) perfect for any IT organisation's marketing effort.

  • Publishers & advertising organisations: RPC delivery and telemarketing to enhance advertiser billings, build subscriber audience, accelerate circulation of publications from Technology to Energy and Media.

  • Recruitment: Highly targeted telemarketing for recruitment and staffing companies around the world, whether they be to fill roles in IT, oil & gas, construction, retail, rec to rec or transport.

  • Financial: Lead generation and telemarketing for financial and fintech companies around the world.

Partners in your business

Telemarketing and telesales outsourcing is the utilisation of a company outside an organisation to operate a call centre. This is not necessarily the provision of a call centre in a different country but that is generally implied. More accurately this is telemarketing and telesales offshoring and has been a topic of heated debate since the early days when everyone hurriedly rushed to Indian call centres without any consideration other than cost savings. Thankfully organisations now understand that offshore call centres must be partners in their business with integration at all levels in the telemarketing and telesales processes. ESG provide efficient and skilled outsourcing of call centre operations with complete transparency and reporting.

Outsourcing telemarketing and telesales options

ESG takes care of the entire operation from the KT, training of the agents, provision and management of the tools, CRM and VOIP/IVR software systems to detailed management reporting and CRM integration. We do though also provide a subset of the call centre if that is required.

Incoming customer service

ESG provide incoming call centre operations which are described in our customer services area:

Telesales and telemarketing outsourced call centre

How successful your outsourced call centre will be depends on many factors not least being how compelling is your product or service, whether you have an existing prospect list and your costs and competition. With ESG you know that the cost to sale is reduced significantly whatever the other factors involved.

ESG recognises that an efficient offshore call centre requires the same level of efficacy as the existing in house team. Our offshore telemarketing resources have meaningful engagements with your prospects with a view to establishing relationships that promote repeat sales and brand trust.

Outsourced telemarketing and telesales services - your prospects

The movement from cold call to a sale is not at all the same between different products and services. A cold call is rarely frozen even if its just speculative. It may have been thawed slightly just by virtue of it being in the right sector to being room temperature cross selling to an existing client. The transition to a warm prospect might be a discussion or even a face to face with an interested decision maker. A sale is an outcome that is easier to categorise and usually involves money changing hands. Even then a sale differs when upselling, cross selling and repeat business are thrown into the mix.

It is vital in telemarketing to ensure that all metrics are recorded in real time, preferably in a CRM and always presented in management reporting. ESG provide our clients with daily and rolled up monthly reporting of all metrics.

Vital metrics in call centre outsourcing services

Below are the most important metrics followed by a simple spreadsheet showing actual numbers. The numbers are based on an example telemarketing project which ESG was engaged in telemarketing for an electronics company. The numbers will change significantly for other projects depending on factors already discussed.

  • Calls per hour: Its important to make as many calls as possible but the number of calls made per hour is hugely dependent on the audience and the complexity of the product. When calling a CEO of a large organisation which may have a recurring need for your product or service then time is not of the essence. Hit and miss calling to frozen leads using an auto dialler demands an entirely different methodology and call rate. Experience in the process will define the optimum call rates.

  • The number of calls made: This is a function of the number of resources used in tele calling and the number of calls made per hour. In the below spreadsheet we have used 176 hours per calendar month (pcm) for 15 resource with 25 calls per hour. This results in 66000 calls pcm. A good resource using an efficient system will recognise how long to spend on a call and when to move on. Good team management and reporting will ensure that callers are focused and using time efficiently. The number of 'warm' calls will be those which have been escalated to an interested decision maker or an outcome such as a meeting or meaningful quotation or proposal.

  • Conversion rate: Conversion to the desired outcome, a sale, is the most important metric and depends on all factors already discussed. Cold conversion rate can be measured from the number of initial, probably cold, calls whilst warm conversion rate it the percentage of sales made from the number of warm calls, calls elevated to interested decision makers and/or from quotes sent. This results in the number of sales pcm.

  • Hours to sale: This is the number of man hours to make a sale calculated from the hours spent calling over a predefined period and the total sales made. Its important that this is hours on calls and does not include any time in administrative tasks which should be performed by an admin function. The momentum of the telecallers should not be reduced by functions which our admin staff at ESG take care of as part of the service.

  • Cost per sale: This is the real headliner. How much does it actually cost to make a sale? Its important here to ensure that what is compared is the total cost of the in-house sales person which includes not just the salary but also all the additional costs of employee benefits, office space, utilities etc. This can be compared then to the cost of an outsourced telesales call centre operative via ESG.

There are many other metrics which are important but for brevity are not discussed here such as 'gatekeeper rate', 'data quality' and 'intra-team' metrics.

Try putting in your metrics below and see how much a cost of sale reduces with ESG:

Outsourcing call centre services to ESG will maintain or raise the bar on your sales targets whilst reducing the cost per sale.

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