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Outsourcing your projects to ESG's Indian offices

"The team are amazing and we appreciate all the effort they have put into this and getting this project complete"

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It's not just about cost savings when offshoring IT

ESG offer a bespoke outsourcing solution to forward thinking companies in the UK and other countries. Whether the project requires a small team of developers integrated with a UK companies in house team or it is a significant project requiring systems and project analysts and system architects, ESG provide cost savings whilst maintaining development quality, standards and testing regimen.

Whilst we are a UK company, our teams of personnel in our offices in India will be in direct contact with your teams. We will manage the projects completely from inception to delivery and beyond or with as light a touch as you prefer. Your teams will be dedicated solely to your project and your points of contact are available as if they are employed by your company.

Because each project is unique we will be pleased to discuss your requirements in order to demonstrate the benefits of allowing us to complete your projects.
Please contact us at your convenience.

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