Virtual employees

What are the benefits of a virtual employee in India?

A virtual employee might be regarded as your own employee but significantly less expensive and without the operating costs associated with employees in your office. Imagine an employee in a room in your office with the door locked and with all the cost benefits of being in Mumbai.

  • Significant cost savings of up to 70% of salary
  • Zero operating costs, HR, employment benefits, accounting, legal and taxation compliance
  • Flexibility in employment, no red tape
  • Access to a vast resource of skilled and enthusiastic experts
  • Full control and management
  • Increased productivity
  • Hours to suit your office or outside your office hours

How do you contact your virtual employee(s)?

Your virtual employee(s) in Mumbai are contactable anytime by video conference, a phone number we give you local to your location, remote desktop and online chat. We also provide our own task and project management software which you can use. The employee is yours though so if you have your own that's fine too.

We provide your virtual employee with high speed internet, Windows based machines, large flat screen displays, Microsoft Office, communications and management software, internet security, on and off site backup servers, printers, scanners, headsets, telephone, UPS. For their comfort they also have plenty of desk space and air conditioning.

We in the UK though will mentor you if you have not had remote employees before and ensure that you get maximum output from your resource.

What's the difference between a virtual employee and an offshore freelancer?

Your employee works for you and you alone, monitored in our offices. The offshore freelance job boards are fine for small, non critical, non confidential pockets of work but you don't know them, have no control over them and are probably working for many clients at the same time. You have little redress or due diligence.

With ESG virtual employees you get exactly the opposite. ESG complete the vetting, NDA agreements and security measures, Your virtual employee(s) work for you alone and are monitored and supervised at all times.

What are the steps when ready to take on a virtual employee?

Our HR department sources your virtual employee(s) based on your requirements. On receipt of your requirements we can also give you the likely cost should you go ahead with a virtual employee.

We don't automatically offer anyone from our current pool of employees in Mumbai, rather we source CVs from the region and shortlist through face to face interviews. We also apply our own tests, and if required we are happy to use tests given to us by you.

We then submit the CVs to you for consideration along with any variation in costs between them (if applicable). You can then interview those shortlisted candidates by telephone, if you prefer, and a decision is made by you, or more candidates are shortlisted.

Why ESG?

eSolutions Group (ESG) is a successful company based in London, England. This is important. When sourcing and setting up your virtual employee(s) you do not want to be dealing direct with India, rather to a UK company in a real UK office. If you have come across other providers check that their 'UK branch' is not a virtual office whose phone number directs to India. Your initial and ongoing communications related to your virtual employees must be through a UK company. We have spent years streamlining our processes between our UK and Indian offices so we can take care of all that for you. You only want to deal directly with your virtual employee(s) in India.

There are no risks because we don't charge until you have made the final decision on your virtual employee. We however invest our time in screening and recruitment so we have to be focused on ensuring that you will be pleased with the employee(s).

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